Buckbeaks Flight -John Wiliams

See you tomorrow - John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon)

Dear God, that French Horn..

Romantic Flight - John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon)

My friend picked a song for her drum major audition off the “How to train your dragon” soundtrack, but didn’t know what it was called.


Within 3 seconds of hearing it I identified it (x

Test Drive - John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon)

Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre



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The Holst suite was more fun to play anyway. haha

Go vote!

If you hate sousa you should come check out our page! French-Horns-Against-Sousa-Alliance (:

The Cowboys Overture - John Wiliams

Jurassic Park Theme - John Wiliams

Let’s take a second away from hating on Sousa,

and love on composers like John Wiliams or John Powell

Both wrote amazing features for the french horn. So for a little while today I’ll be posting some of the great things they have done (:

- Jessica (JessicalovesDCI)